Barnev Valsaint

Barnev Valsaint is all about looking through the lens. His fascination came at an early age when his mother gave him a telescope for Christmas and he quickly realized looking at something remarkable wasn't enough, he needed to capture it. Having his father capture candid family moments, developing and printing images just enhanced his curiosity. Barnev has been buying and trying new cameras for years. Thinking that somehow the camera made him a better photographer, He quickly realized that it wasn't what you were using that made these great images but the eye behind the view finder and that's when he stuck to his first digital camera. 


Barnev has been singing along side one of the best female vocalist in the world Celine Dion. Going to different countries has been one of the many perks of working with the singer. He takes every opportunities to capture moments that he will cherish forever.


"Being able to travel the world and see different faces, cultures, animals and some of the earth’s most endangered species, landscapes are a dream come true." Through his work Barnev has been able to capture thousands of epic shots all over the world, and is now ready to showcase and share his exclusive art collection.


In the past year his collection have been very well received by art collectors and fans. His work is being represented in Galleries in Las Vegas, Montreal and plans to launch exhibits in Florida and Paris.